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Katie J Norris

Based in Los Angeles, California, USA


      Katie Norris has written for several musicals projects in New York City and Los Angeles, CA. Her first production for the theater on the west coast began in 2012, and continued with a new musical-theater project assignment every year until 2019.  Growing up with a love and an education in music and theater, and an insatiable interest in ancient technologies; Katie naturally found herself immersed in the information around the ancient Path of Initiation through the temples along the Nile River in Egypt. She would like to extend her gratitude to Matias De Stefano for sharing all of his information so freely and openly about these temples, the energies that are found there, and the Initiatic path itself; and to for creating a platform for this information to be available for everyone.

      For Katie, the concept of creating a musical play incorporating the themes of this ancient wisdom came as a fun idea of combining all the things she loves together, with the added joy of being able to include everyone that wanted to participate during the filming of this project. Visiting Egypt was a life-long dream come true. And turning this musical idea into a reality with friends from around the world was a more magical experience than she ever imagined. She is so grateful to everyone who created in this project with her and is excited to share this musical movie. She currently lives in Los Angeles and is eager for her next adventure. 

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