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The Full Story

This musical idea came as a result of the information shared about the ancient Egyptian locations as explained by Matias DeStefano. Each of the Egyptian temples along the Nile (beginning with Philae Temple) were built on the foundation of the temples from the civilization before. And those older temples were built in alignment with the energies of the chakras. 

An individual would make the journey through each temple, facing the different aspects of themselves along the way, as a form of Initiation - the integration of the Self.

Drawn closely to this information, the idea came to make a musical where each scene would take place in the temples, ascending toward the Pyramids; each scene embodying the different energies of each location. The story follows Scarlett, who is outwardly free, but holds herself to impossible standards, inwardly at war. And Amelia, who is inwardly free to be whoever she wants, but outwardly confined to the social norms she was born into. The two characters together represent the two sides of an individual as they make their way through the journey of the

Initiatic Path. 

During a trip to Egypt in 2022, some beautiful, creative souls decided to help me live out this musical dream. It is a project of love, made for the pure joy of co-creating something uplifting together.

Everything was shot on an iPhone.

The iPhone12ProMax was used for the majority, with some additional shots on iPhone14.

A Very Special Thanks

to all the friends and kind souls who came forward to help in the many big and small and miraculous ways of making this project.

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