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Photograph by  Viktoria Ershova
Title Pirates on the Nile

The Musical

Avast! Ye have just entered the domain of The Pirates on the Nile ~ the Musical. 

'Tis a new musical adventure filled with intrigue, daring quests, unrequited love, hope, and swashbuckling adventure. 

This musical be best viewed in the locations it takes place in, so we went ahead and filmed it for ye. Created, shot, and recorded in multiple countries with fun, imaginative people from all over the world, we are glad to share this magical adventure with the lot a' ya!! We welcome you to the new musical movie, The Pirates on the Nile.  

Still from footage shot by Lola Thuy

The Pirates on the Nile
The Musical 

Official Trailer - The Pirates on the Nile
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Explanation for The Pirates on the Nile Musical

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